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body of water near tree

About Me

Hello! I'm thrilled to have you here and to share a glimpse into where I’m at today.

I'm Jules, a mom to four kids (3 teens and 1 pre-teen), working full time for a not for profit (and love my job!), married for 21 years, and passionate about nature, the outdoors, sipping coffee on the front porch, supporting farmers markets, and living my best life in my backyard all while creating multiple streams of income through an automated online business.

These last couple years have had me questioning everything.

Questioning my purpose, life's purpose…some might say “mid-life crisis”.

Whatever the label, all I know is I’ve come to realize there is MORE to life than just counting down the days to the weekend.

I’m investing in myself and living intentionally in my down time.

Which leads me to this incredible desire to reconnect with my country roots (I grew up on a farm in Grey County, Ontario).

The idea of building a homestead nestled in the countryside, with chickens, ducks, donkeys, spotted rescue pigs, lavish gardens, and a serene greenhouse, has fuelled my drive to keep showing up in this space.

Although we're patiently waiting for the perfect moment to make that move to the country, we've taken it upon ourselves to transform our current in-town property into a backyard oasis and small-scale homestead that we can be proud of.

I’m cultivating a life where I have the time and financial freedom to travel, indulge in hobbies (gardening, being a chicken mama and home renovations ain't cheap!), and create unforgettable memories.

So, what's helping me become the best version of myself?

Spending as much time in my backyard gardening, hot tubbing, swimming and ice bathing.

Hanging out with the animals and family.

Drinks on the patio under the awning.

Plus I’ve swapped scrolling on my phone with working on my online marketing business, taking e-learning courses, and listening to podcasts.

I started with affiliate marketing but found myself straying away from the "high ticket affiliate marketing" business model.

I didn't feel aligned with it. Mind you, thousands of people are having great success with it but I found myself "still searching and looking".

I came to the realization that I have skills and expertise that I could use to become my own course creator; I wanted to develop a course to help entrepreneurs learn digital marketing strategies and teach them the tools that can help automate some of their sales processes (think lead magnets, sales funnels, email campaigns, etc).

BUT, developing a course is no small feat.

I knew this would take me months to assemble (ahem, and I have a full-time job).

Then, I came across a new business model...a "disruptor" in the affiliate marketing world so to speak - digital products that come with Master Resell Rights.

I found this perfect done-for-me marketing and business course called The Roadmap that provides step by step video tutorials plus comes with an active and helpful community and 3 weekly coaching calls. This course solves many entrepreneurs have by teaching them how to build out their personal brand, create automations in their business while collecting and nurturing leads through auto-email campaigns, etc.

If you are an aspiring business owner or existing entrepreneur, learning online marketing strategies opens immense opportunities to build, grow and scale your business - which helps us achieve our dreams faster..

Through this digital platform, I have gained invaluable knowledge, skills, and strategies to create multiple streams of income and a thriving online business. It’s allowing me to combine my passions, share my expertise, and connect with a community of like-minded individuals.

And if any of this resonates with you, that’s awesome! Being self-aware is the first step to making change happen in your life.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or to explore how we can collaborate to create a “life of more”.

woman with curly hair profile picture
woman with curly hair profile picture

my vision

My vision is to create a thriving community where everyone who joins me feels empowered to cultivate their own successful online or bricks n mortar business.

I envision a world where individuals have the freedom to pursue their passions, whether it's traveling the world, homesteading, tending to their gardens, exploring wineries, or attending concerts.

Through the power of digital and affiliate marketing, I aim to provide the knowledge, resources, and support that enable others to live a life they love and embrace the experiences that bring them joy and fulfillment.

my mission

My mission is to equip driven women with the skills, strategies, and unwavering confidence needed to build and scale thriving online businesses.

Through the Roadmap Digital Marketing Course, we offer a clear path to mastering the art of digital marketing skills, harnessing the power of email lists and campaigns, while creating multiple streams of income.

Together, we're breaking barriers, conquering challenges, and transforming dreams into reality, because every woman deserves a seat at the table of online success.

body of water under blue sky
body of water under blue sky